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Conveyor Parts Washers

A conveyor parts washer is a system designed for continuous, flow-through parts cleaning. Parts are fed onto a conveyor belt, into a cabinet to be washed. An operator controls the speed at which parts enter the cabinet.

A client can choose between a few different standard types of conveyor parts washers. Examples are the U-Bend, Monorail and In-Line washers. U-Bend washers have a turning feature, bringing the processed parts back to the operator. These work well for industrial dish washing. Monorail washers have an overhead conveyor and are best suited to high-volume, continuous cleaning applications.

For example, these are great for very large stamped parts. In-Line washers feed parts through a tunnel. These washers are ruggedly built and good for a wide range of cleaning needs. A conveyor parts washer has many optional add-ons, such as a rinser and sealer. A rinser removes cleaning solution residue using highly pressurized water. A sealer applies a rust inhibitor or oil-based mix to the part surface. This addition is useful for the preservation of parts that will have long delays between manufacturing processes. Read More…Request for Quote

Conveyor Parts Washers A conveyor parts washer is a system designed for continuous, flow-through parts cleaning.

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An advantage of the conveyor parts washer is its versatility. It can be integrated into a handling line, or it can function as a stand-alone system. Similarly, the many different types of conveyor parts washers offer great flexibility to a consumer. They can be fitted to squeeze into a cramped kitchen or made to sprawl on a vast plant floor.

A Monorail washer may be a great option to free up space, as it is conducted from overhead. Washers can be custom-made to fit many variables. Variables include but are not limited to: weight capacity, belt width, turning radius, tunnel height, wash/rinse tank size, wash/rinse tank heating method, pump output and general dimensions.

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Generally, a conveyor parts washer can be made to be automatic or manual, to accommodate the consumer. There is also some flexibility with the heating method, the options being steam, gas and electricity, measured in kilowatts. The best machines are made of stainless steel, as stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, ensuring a longer life. With its many options, the conveyor parts washer is a great option for someone with specialized needs.

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