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A machine tends to work smoothly and with fewer pauses if its parts are free of dirt or debris. The maintenance schedule of machines whose parts can be separated from each other includes thorough cleaning, washing, rinsing, and drying. The equipment used for these sanitary operations is a parts washer. Conventional part washers involve the manual handling of controls. Read More…

Automated Part Washers A machine tends to work smoothly and with fewer pauses if its parts are free of dirt or debris. The maintenance schedule of machines whose parts can be separated from each other includes thorough cleaning, washing, rinsing, and drying. The equipment used for these sanitary operations is a parts washer. Conventional part washers involve the manual handling of controls.

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of aqueous parts washers and parts cleaning systems for the industrial products market. Our engineers have developed a full line of aqueous parts cleaning systems, including belt, chain, monorail, and more.

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Niagara Systems LLC has offered turnkey custom parts washing systems for over 80 years. With our customization capabilities, our parts washing systems stand out from the competition.

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Nobody knows aqueous parts washers as we do! At Better Engineering, we manufacture sustainable Cabinet/turntable parts washers, Inline cleaning systems, conveyor parts washers, ultrasonic parts cleaner, Dunnage wash systems, Drum washers, Carousel washers, Tunnel, and Monorail Parts Washers in the United States using only quality metal. Our systems are built to high-quality standards; we offer...

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We are industry leaders and innovators in the world of parts washers. We offer an extensive list of parts washing equipment, from automotive washers to precision washers for medical industries.

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Great Lakes Finishing Equipment, Inc. specializes in supplying parts washers for even the most demanding cleaning jobs. Equipment includes table washers, drum washers, aqueous rotary baskets, aqueous belt washing systems, & more. Let our parts washing specialists assist you with your specific washing applications. Contact us today for all of your parts washer needs.

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We are EZ Industrial Equipment, a leading provider of high-quality wastewater evaporators and industrial parts washers. With our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to delivering top-notch products and services to meet the unique needs of our customers.

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However, modern-day parts washers have automatic controls and programmed settings, resulting in "Automated Part Washers."

In this article, we will learn more about automated part washers, various types of automated part washers, and their applications and benefits.

What is an Automated Part Washer?

Before discussing an automated part washer, it is important to understand a basic industrial part washer. A part washer is a simple mechanical device utilized in industries to clean small parts of a machine. It ensures that the dirt and debris are removed from the part before it is reattached to its parent machine. Even parts to become a part of an assembly or packed are washed and cleaned by parts washers before packaging.

Removing the involvement of manual labor from the operation of part washers, or converting a manual part washer into an automated part washer, enables them to work independently and more efficiently. While semi-automatic part washers feature automated stages, human loading and unloading may occasionally be necessary, or they may be combined with a different conveyor system. In addition, they frequently have a liquid recycling system, which lowers costs and protects the environment.

A CNC system's parts washers employ one or more microprocessors and storage devices. They frequently use CAD/CAM software programs to direct the equipment to make the precise motions required to clean the parts.

Types of Automated Part Washer

There are various types of automated part washers based on their operating mechanism or the type of function they perform. Here are some of these types:

  • Spray Cabinet Parts Washer: This parts washer sends cleaning fluid through a nozzle and onto the part using a high-pressure, low-volume pump. After being filtered and collected in a sump, the cleaning solution is circulated back to the nozzle.
  • Ultrasonic Parts Washer: Sound waves are used in an ultrasonic parts washer to cause cavitation in the cleaning agent. Small bubbles produced by this cavitation explode, generating a scouring action that clears impurities from the part's surface.
  • Rotary Drum Parts Washerr: Rotating drums are used in rotary parts washers to clean the parts. The pieces are spun through a cleaning agent added to the drum before being washed with clean water. Due to their strength and size, rotary parts washers are frequently used to clean large parts.
  • Explosion-Proof Parts Washers: Explosion-proof parts washers are made to clean parts when there is a chance of an explosion or combustion.

Industrial Applications of Automated Part Washer

Automated part washers are used in the following:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Recycling Industry

Benefits of Automated Part Washer

Here are some practical benefits of automated part washers:

  • Less manual labor used
  • Faster and more efficient part cleaning
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Simple to adapt to new products and procedures

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